Rumors of a racist Rachael Ray

The site reports Ray became “extremely loud and aggressive” while describing a portrait of Winfrey that hangs in the Chicago offices of Harpo Productions.

The full article claims that Rachael Ray made harmful remarks about not only her friend and mentor, Oprah Winfrey, but also about celebrity couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Rachael’s publicist has denied that she ever made such remarks.

“In fact, there are several words that are attributed to Rachael that she has never uttered in her life. Neither in public nor in private has Rachael made a disparaging or cruel remark about her friend and mentor, Oprah, nor a celebrity couple she has never even met.”

While I have no idea who’s telling the truth in this case, I hope to give Rachael Ray the benefit of the doubt because you can’t believe everything people say about others in the public eye.

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