Martha Stewart talks about Rachael Ray

Q Your syndicated TV show is popular on KARE-TV, but ratings for “The Rachael Ray Show” are slightly higher. Do you consider her your rival?

A I don’t even know Rachael Ray other than having seen her on television. Their program is very different from mine … she’s much more a cook and comfortable in the kitchen. My expertise is the home.

Q But you told shock jock Howard Stern you could out-craft and out-cook Ray. If you had a face-off, which craft would you do and which dish would you cook?

A I’m much older than Rachael Ray. I’m much more experienced. I’m much more knowledgeable. I don’t think I would lose a contest.

Q But just for fun, what’s one of your specialties you would challenge her to make?

A A five-tiered wedding cake. Decorated beautifully with basket weave and marzipan fruits.

The rest of the interview is about Martha Stewart’s future plans and ventures, which include doing interior design for homes and making appearances in movies.

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