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  1. I think you are great and am glad to see that we can all come together as one . White & African American

  2. obama i love u i can t believe u r the 1st black president and we are cuzs love u and hi 1st lady and kids i hope u have fun in the white house and with the new puppy ……….

  3. I’ve always said that I want to live to be 125 years old just to see the new and great things that will come along. I’m 68 years old now and I’ve already started to see great things happening with the election of Barack Obama.

  4. Dear Mr Obama
    It is so very unugual politics to cause a tear bbut your winnig indeed made me cry tears of joy at the age of fifty but i cried tears of joy, part of me not believing it and part happy for you and main part was a massive emotions of a hopefull excitement for our beloved america, YES WE CAN because we know you can, it was such a great timing for you taking charge the greatest man leading the greatest country…….. WAY TO GO XOXOXOXOX

  5. May God Bless OBama in his presidency. I will take time for the changes to be made but I believe OBama was elected for this reason.

  6. I hope Obama can change the world to be a wise superman. No War again and Racial conflick. He must be able to create peace around the world.

  7. Obama you rock and you are the wing beneath my wings and you are my hero and i liked when you danced with Michelle obama just loved it

  8. keep up the good work barack obama… i am glad that you are now our 44th president and i hope that you get reelected next year… you are doing a great job… we needed a change and we got one and im pretty sure that you are going to bring a change for our country… probably bring the troops home and make economic issues better… also your wife is doing a great job also… your daughters are great… and just to make a long story short all of yall make a great team… with yall working together there is no stop in all the new ideas and possibilities that may come in the future… thank you for running for president because having a president like you i know we are going to have a change in the economic area… your partner joe biden is great also but anyways im in art class at northern nash high school in n.c so i guess i have to go…oh and one more thing i am drawing a picture of you… i have finished most of the details… our teacher told us to draw an africana american that makes a difference in our lives and in our society… well the first person to come to my mind was you… president obama keep your head up and keep doing whats right a time of change is a time that we all need…. my greatest salutations and my greatest respects goes to you…

  9. obama you are the coolest and keep your head up with the good work i had typed a longer comment but i guess it got erased because i didnr include the website the first time

  10. Well all you Obama but kissers – how about getting a job and start paying YOUR fair share of his pipe dream.



    Atmost &
    Carefully with

  13. Mr. President, you have given the US a more human Face again, both politically and socially. I understand that your sails are forced by the extreme capital powers, but stay on course through out the storm, ride it out like a determent skipper. Even the strongest wind dies down eventually. May the Best of your past be the Least of your future!
    PS.: The best image I found of you: http://www.prespectarts.com


    It’s a good thing I can’t work anymore (I am a victim of an illegal war that defends greed), or else I would have to be paying for all the spending…like you, your kids and their kids will be doing.
    We were all slaves to the banks for a century now, but this past year committed you all and your future generations to a fearful life of monetary slavery. No one in my family will ever be a SLAVE again. And it insults me to be referred to, by the government and media, as a “CONSUMER”. My family has ROOTS; I know what I am saying to you.

    Wake up brothers and sisters, you are living as slaves and are being told you are free by all those who need you to be good, hard working, money spending slaves, The only freedoms that you have left are the freedom to work, the freedom to spend money and the freedom to run up debt. And even those freedoms have laws, which limit them and restrict you. Is that what being free is about. I do not think Mr. Lincoln was thinking that when he set my family free. Our country was not as corrupt back then and we had leaders who were not owned by their advisors or Wall Street.
    FACT: We now have over 10,000 laws that enforce the laws of the Ten Commandments. Making things complicated helps the corrupt rule over the good.
    Being free is all about choice. With choice comes personal responsibility and consequence. The acceptance of these allows freedom to endure. When laws force you do things like spend money or participate in things you do not agree with on the basis that people who do not know you claim it best for you (that’s a load of BS isn’t it?)…They are BAD and illegal laws.
    My family comes from three generations of slaves in this country. I am very grateful that they were slaves. They paid the price so that I could theoretically live free in a democratic REPUBLIC. The Constitution says so. I have read the diary kept by my great grandmother who was a slave in Georgia and was taught to read and write by her master’s younger daughter. Her life was not very different than many of our fellow Americans today. If she did not work she was punished and humiliated. If she did not do what her master said or took an extra biscuit from the kitchen because she was hungry, she was punished and beaten. If she even spoke about wanting to be free and live a peaceful quite life away from the master’s strict laws and iron fisted domain she was chastised and punished. The other slaves were advised to avoid her and threatened with punishment if they were found speaking to her. By using fear and punishment she was made an outcast even among her fellow slaves. Her master even rewarded the other slaves in front of her, giving the others certain things that they valued and desired while blatantly restricting those things from my great grandmother. Sounds a bit familiar doesn’t it? Use your credit card and get discounts. Shop and bank and pay your bills online makes things EASIER, FASTER, BETTER. Go to college get a GOOD job and become successful. Without a degree you won’t get the good paying jobs or be able to work in government (unless of course you join the military or are a government labeled minority). Catch my drift?
    How much does a college degree cost today? Don’t worry, some wealthy entity will loan you the money so that when you graduate you have 15 years to pay-it off with the good salary you might get in an economy that won’t create high paying jobs where you need a degree. They create new government jobs or build malls and fast food places so you can earn 8 dollars and hour and spend it before you go home. Experience is better than a degree. The reason it no longer has value is because people who can perform best at a job usually cost more money (experience has intrinsic value) and in the USA cheap, fast, easy and greed are the only things that count. Oh yea… favors and political correctness also play a big role in who gets a job and who waits in the soup line. Wealthy white men run the world… they do not want any other white men to ever compete with them unless they own them already. As much as I do not like to admit it I believe that the discrimination that those in power inflicted on my people over the last 150 years, are now doing it to the middle class white man. I sympathize with you cuz. Perhaps that is why our government has so few jobs filled by middle class white men without a degree. I spent 13 years in service to our country and I know that every building in Washington is fully staffed with what the government calls minorities. That’s ironic. The rich white man has once again created a “legalized” slave pool. Only this time the slaves are paid by the other slaves (taxes) to do a meaningless job that consumes revenue and requires more tax income for salaries, which in turn deprives the other slaves of the chance to gain wealth. Wow. What a trip. No wonder people are screaming and demanding the shrinking of the federal government. It appears to be parasitic in that way.
    Wake up people. Just because we have computers, iPhones and iPods does not make us any smarter, wiser, better or immune to being slaves. In fact all that “gotta have” technology has distracted us from the serious things that are happening to you.
    Exercise in thinking: Add up what you have spent on ALL the “stuff” in your possession (if it takes more than a day you have way too much junk and have spent away your life’s labor). How many of those things did you by on credit? How many are you still paying off? (Forcing you to have to work longer and harder) How many of those things, if you lost them tomorrow, would stop you from living? ? ? ? Wake up people. For your own safety. For your own future. For my families’ future.
    My family has not taken the path of least resistance (not the easy, quick route). We took the path of what is right no matter what others did and no matter what others thought. Don’t drag us down just because you failed at being responsible to your country in its time of need. Don’t destroy my family’s future because you did not care about the truth and politics. I was raised and educated to not follow greed, ignorance, selfishness or fear. Which is what certain elite groups of people are using to lead you. Telling you that in order to “save the economy” people must spend money and that Corporations are too big to fail both CONFIRM that your future and security is irrelevant and overall you are viewed as nothing more than a low paid slave (a “consumer”).
    My family learned from the mistakes of others, from our own mistakes and from history, and as a result we have been blessed with all the riches in life. I hope someday soon, you will reach that level of intelligence, wisdom and happiness. It’s like being a king or queen when you have knowledge…you have power.
    The road that you currently appear to be on (judging by the comments written on this website) and those who you blindly and ignorantly follow will not bring you to a better place. That is a sure bet. Remember if you do nothing to make your neighbors life better why would a group of complete strangers in Washington care about your life. Ignoring the cries of tens of millions of Americans over the last year is a definite indicator of disregard.
    What you believe to be so, in your own head right now, is not what Washington has is theirs. Can’t you see that? You may not be feeling any pain right now (I am not) but I assure you your time will come and by then there will not be millions of people left with the ability to march in the streets demanding Washington listen to the people as is being done NOW.
    FACT: On July 12, 2009 over 1.5 million people marched on WashingtonDC and it shut down the city (highways and roads were closed down do to volume). This was by far the largest march on the city in the history of our country! People from all 50 states and even from other countries paid their own way and showed up to tell our elected officials that they better stop neglecting the laws which protect all Americans and to STOP the bailouts of banks and Corp America. Did you hear about it in the news? Was it front page? Why not? Don’t you care?
    Down playing concerned honest hard working citizens (not consumers) has become a national past time.

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